You deserve time and energy to do the things that matter most.

That’s exactly why Break the Twitch exists—to help you remove the distractions that prevent you from showing up in a way that reflects your values. 

Doing this looks like everything from practicing the guitar that has been collecting dust, to decluttering your home to make it easier to move your body in healthy ways. The outcomes are as different as the people that pursue them, but one thing remains consistent—the changes are always positive and life-giving.

Inside, there is an ever-growing library of tools, resources, and community support for you to accomplish this. In fact, this is one of the few memberships that will easily pay for itself based on the results you will get.

Continue on below to see more specifically what being a BTT Community Member has to offer. Already a member? Come on in.

Included with Membership

20-min Coaching Call

Optional 1-on-1 call with Anthony to welcome you to the community, answer your questions, and help with something you're working on right now.

250+ Days of Audio Courses

Powerful 21-day audio courses that create sustainable habit change in your life one day at a time. Listen while you wake up, stretch, or get ready for your day.

Monthly Challenges

Each month, we tackle a challenge as a community—building a habit, decluttering, and healthy eating are just a few examples. The accountability helps us all.

Private Chat Group

Chat directly with Anthony, the entire community, share successes, struggles, and ask your questions to a private, member-only discussion group.

The Member Library

Immediately upon joining, you’ll get immediate access to all of the below resources, and more:


Establish your foundation with this 21-day audio course. Take stock of where you are, seek daily gratitude for your gifts, and establish your foundation for continued growth.


Focus takes practice, and that's exactly what you'll do with this 21-day course: build the habits and make practical environmental changes to supercharge your focus.


Confidence isn't just something you have, but something that can be built through action and mentality. It shines through in everything you do, so build it up with this audio course.


Build a new habit in 21 days. You'll find inspiration, practical advice, and actionable wisdom to apply on a day to day basis while you build your new habit.


For some reason sitting down to meditate is harder than it should be. This course helps you overcome that and slowly works up to 10 minutes of meditation over 21 days.


Creativity doesn't always flow when you need it to, but this course is here to get the engine turning. Use this 21-day audio course to build a creativity practice and get through resistance.


Remove 231 items from your home in 21 days with this inspiring audio course. Follow along with daily instructions and motivational tidbits and considerations.


Spend the next 21 days taking small steps towards building a mindfulness practice. Comes complete with daily inspiration, mindfulness meditations and action steps to get you started.


We're developing new audio courses and releasing them for members every single month. Join the member community and you'll receive each course as soon as it comes out.

Testimonials from Current Members

Today I'm grateful for the DECLUTTER audio course! I'm on Day 13 and finding it really uplifting and motivating. I really like the short audio course format—it is totally manageable and really gives you an opportunity to think about things over a month.
Cat L.
Community Member
I really like these audio courses. Because they’re short, they’re easy to digest and I find myself thinking about particular episodes days later because it resonated with me. I don’t write everyday but they make great journal prompts when I do.

Diana S.
Community Member
I’m still on Foundations, and Anthony has given me so much to think about and examine already. In terms of “enough,” my “enough” would actually be a lot less... ...thanks to the info I get from BTT and this community, I have hope that it will all happen.
Linda S.
Community Member

Frequently Asked Questions

No! Once you sign up, you’ve locked in the monthly price for as long as you want it. The price will go up as more content is added, but yours won’t.

– 168+ days of audio course content
– 20 minute coaching/welcome call
– New member-only monthly content
– Private Slack channel for members
– Monthly accountability challenges

You can cancel your membership at any time with a few mouse clicks or finger taps. If you have any issues at all, email [email protected] and I’ll be happy to help.

Email Anthony with any questions regarding the member community at [email protected]—he’ll gladly help you out.