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Welcome! I’m thrilled to have you here—whether you arrived from the podcast or the YouTube channel, I appreciate your visit. In short, the member community is how we make Break the Twitch happen without advertisements, sponsors, or constant sales pitches for new products. Instead, we decided to create an affordable monthly membership that gives you access to a ton of great stuff—all while allowing us to create podcast episodes, videos, and blog posts that aren’t influenced by corporate partners hoping that we’ll convince you to buy their stuff.

Intentional content, for the pursuit of intentional living. Nice, right? Every month when we create new member content, you don’t get a sales pitch, you just get an updated dashboard with everything immediately available. We’re creating new stuff all the time for members, because we appreciate and love you dearly—we couldn’t do this without you.

Sound good? Have a look below to see what is all included when you join our wonderful community.


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Here's What Membership Includes:

20-min Coaching Call

Let's hop on a video call for 20 min so we can get to know each other, you can ask me any questions, and make sure you're ready to dig into the community.

250+ Days of Audio Courses

Real change happens slowly with small, consistent actions that move you forward. Learn more about the audio courses and why they work so well, below.

Monthly Habit Challenges

Get the consistent accountability and support you need make new habits stay. We tackle a new challenge each month, and support each other throughout.

Private Slack Channel

It's like a Facebook group, but way, way better! Chat with the community, share successes, and ask your questions in a private, member-only discussion group.

Why Audio Courses?

After reading about how the average completion rate on some of the top online courses was a measly seven percent, we decided to forge a different path. Whether decluttering or building a new habit, lasting change comes from slow, consistent action over long periods of time.

That’s why we create these audio courses. Each course has 21 episodes and each episode is 3-6 minutes long (think of it like a very short podcast episode). Why 21 instead of 30? Because humans aren’t perfect! We built in some breathing room so you don’t feel “behind” if you miss a day or two.

Each episode asks a question, shares a consideration, or provides thought-provoking intentions to set as you start your day. You can listen in bed while waking up, commuting to work, making breakfast, or simply sitting with a cup of coffee—it’s up to you.

The Audio Course Library


Establish your foundation with this 21-day audio course. Take stock of where you are, seek daily gratitude for your gifts, and establish your foundation for continued growth.


Focus takes practice, and that's exactly what you'll do with this 21-day course: build the habits and make practical environmental changes to supercharge your focus.


Confidence isn't just something you have, but something that can be built through action and mentality. It shines through in everything you do, so build it up with this audio course.


Build a new habit in 21 days with this audio course. You'll find inspiration, practical advice, and actionable wisdom to apply on a day to day basis while you build your new habit.


For some reason sitting down to meditate is harder than it should be. This course helps you overcome that and slowly works up to 10 minutes of meditation over 21 days.


Creativity doesn't always flow when you need it to, but this course is here to get the engine turning. Use this 21-day audio course to build a creativity practice and get through resistance.


Remove 231 items from your home in 21 days with this inspiring audio course. Follow along with daily instructions and motivational tidbits and considerations.


Spend the next 21 days taking small steps towards building a mindfulness practice. Comes complete with daily inspiration, mindfulness meditations and action steps to get you started.


We're developing new audio courses and releasing them for members every single month. Join the member community and you'll receive each course as soon as it comes out.

Testimonials from Current Members

Today I'm grateful for the DECLUTTER audio course! I'm on Day 13 and finding it really uplifting and motivating. I really like the short audio course format—it is totally manageable and really gives you an opportunity to think about things over a month.
Cat L.
Community Member
I really like these audio courses. Because they’re short, they’re easy to digest and I find myself thinking about particular episodes days later because it resonated with me. I don’t write everyday but they make great journal prompts when I do.

Diana S.
Community Member
I’m still on Foundations, and Anthony has given me so much to think about and examine already. In terms of “enough,” my “enough” would actually be a lot less... ...thanks to the info I get from BTT and this community, I have hope that it will all happen.
Linda S.
Community Member

Frequently Asked Questions

No! Once you sign up, you’ve locked in the monthly price for as long as you want it. The price will go up as more content is added, but yours won’t.

– 168+ days of audio course content
– 20 minute coaching/welcome call
– New member-only monthly content
– Private Slack channel for members
– Monthly accountability challenges

You can cancel your membership at any time with a few mouse clicks or finger taps. If you have any issues at all, email [email protected] and I’ll be happy to help.

Email Anthony with any questions regarding the member community at [email protected]—he’ll gladly help you out.